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When it comes to designing a kitchen, picking the right countertop is a big deal. Among many options, black granite countertops for your kitchen are a popular choice. It’s not just about looks; black granite is strong, works with many styles, and has a classic beauty.

This article goes through how you can match black countertops with different cabinet colors. We’ll see how these countertops can fit with everything from quiet, neutral colors to bold, eye-catching ones.

Join us as we explore how black granite can make your kitchen look great and feel just right.

Is Black Granite A Trend in Countertops?

In the world of kitchen design, black granite is becoming popular. It looks stylish and classy, making any kitchen look more modern. 

What’s great about black granite is that it’s both beautiful and challenging. It can handle spills and scratches and will stay in style.

Black Countertops: What Color Cabinets to Choose?


Cabinets like beige or light brown in neutral colors work well with black granite. They create a calm and cozy feeling in the kitchen. 

Neutral colors are easy to match with different decorations so you can change your kitchen’s look without too much trouble.


Blue cabinets with black countertops make a beautiful contrast. The cool blue brings out the richness of the black granite, giving the kitchen a classy and colorful look.

This is perfect for those who want a kitchen that stands out.


Black cabinets with black kitchen countertops

Matching black cabinets with black countertops gives a very modern and sleek look.

It’s all about keeping things simple and elegant. You can play around with different textures and finishes to ensure it doesn’t look too plain.

Dark Green

Dark green cabinets with black countertops remind you of nature. It’s a calming and fresh combination.

The green goes well with the natural patterns in the black granite, adding a bit of nature to your kitchen.


grey and black kitchen

Gray cabinets are a great choice, with black countertops. Light or dark gray adds a modern touch and lets the black granite be the show’s star. This mix is stylish and balanced.

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops

White Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops

Combining black granite slabs and white cabinets is a time-honored design choice. The strong contrast looks clean and striking. This combination is perfect for making your kitchen feel bright and spacious.

Stained Wood or Brown

brown cabinets with black countertops

Stained wood or brown cabinets give a warm, natural feel when paired with black granite.

This mix brings a cozy and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen, with a bit of elegance from the black granite.

Go Bold

If you like to be different, choosing bold cabinet colors like purple, orange, or yellow can make your kitchen unique.

Black granite is versatile and can balance out these intense colors, ensuring your kitchen looks lively but not too overwhelming.


Black granite countertops are an excellent choice for any kitchen. They go well with many cabinet colors, each bringing style and mood. 

Whether you prefer something simple or want to make a bold statement, black granite can fit your taste and make your kitchen unique.

We hope you find this article helpful while deciding on countertops for your kitchen.

If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments section; we value your feedback and opinions!

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